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Donate To The Next Step PCS Annual Funds

The English as a Second Language (ESL) Student Achievement Grant supports excellence, extraordinary commitment and student achievement in ESL coursework at The Next Step PCS. Your support of this recognition directly honors student achievement through a competitive process requires an application, interview and/or completion of a project that demonstrates mastery.

The TNS Postsecondary Access and Success Emergency Grants supports alumni who are experiencing unforeseen financial difficulties as they complete college. Students will access this one-time grant opportunity through an application and verification process facilitated by the Student Support and Engagement division. Your support allows TNS to distribute funds directly to postsecondary educational institutions (accredited colleges and universities) or apprenticeship programs, on behalf of recipients.

The TNS Student Leadership Ambassadors Fund creates provision for financial resources and experiential learning opportunities to support student leaders who serve within, outside and on behalf of The Next Step PCS. This fund establishes retreats, creates stipends, and provides access to conferences or other trainings in support of student voice and leadership development.